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About Us

Weifang Zontop Prefab Steel Structure Co., Ltd. is located in China Weifang. It is a large modern enterprise specializing in temporary construction projects. ---The company was established in April 2006, formerly Weifang Wanda Color Steel Plate Plant, and on January 11, 2010, Weifang Zontop Prefab Steel Structure Co., Ltd. was formally established. After ten years of experience and steady progress, it has been engaged in integrated houses. Now the company has four production bases including flat-pack container house production base, detachable container house production base, prefabricated K-type house production base, Guangdong branch (flat-pack container house), with a total area of 80,000 square meters.

The good reputation of its products and willingness to provide customers with the best service has enabled Weifang Zontop Prefab Steel Structure Co., Ltd. to develop gradually over the years.